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Everything You Need to Know: Synthetic vs. Natural Diamonds People are naturally suspicious of diamonds that have been artificially created, even though synthetic diamonds are excellent, eco-friendly alternatives to earth diamonds. So what are synthetic diamonds composed of? How does the chemical composition of an artificial diamond compare to that of a natural diamond? At Heart In Diamond, we created gorgeous memorial diamonds from either hair or cremains, or cremated ashes of a loved one who has passed on. Let’s dig deeper into the properties of cultivated diamonds, like our funeral diamonds and compare their composition to that of naturally-occurring diamonds. We will start with how each of these types of diamonds are created and then…show more content…
Natural diamonds were created deep within the ground and are nearly as old as the earth is. Colors: Both natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds are available in a wide variety of colors. Synthetic gemstones are irradiated to create colors such as red, green, champagne, pink, purple, brown, etc. Cultivated diamonds are available in brilliant, vibrant colors, but natural diamonds come in soft or dull colors. Hardness: In the past, there was a time that natural diamonds were the hardest substance available on Earth. However, advancements in technologies and new high-tech devices have made it possible to create synthetic diamonds that are every bit as resilient, if not, more so than natural diamonds. Diamonds found in nature have multiple crystalline structures, which makes them more prone to fractures and cracks. Synthetic gemstones have crystals that are growing in one single direction making them more durable and less prone to cracks and/or fractures. Synthetic diamonds carry more weight and density than their natural counterparts. Appearance: Modern techniques and equipment creates synthetic diamonds that are practically flawless, existing only of minor

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