Advantages Of Sustainable Natural Resource Management In Namibia

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IS NAMIBIA A MODEL OF GOVERNANCE OF WILDLIFE RESOURCES Table of Contents 1.Introduction 1 2.Sustainable natural resource Management in Namibia: successifull community based-baesd wildlife conservation 1 3.Changes in Environmental Governance 2 4.Background on CBNRM 2 4.Hunting 2 5.Facts 3 6.Conclusion 4 7.Reference List 6 1.Introduction Governance refers to the practices and procedures that determine how decisions are made and implemented, and how responsibilities are exercised (Daniel, et al., 2016). This is the discipline that makes up governance of wildlife resources in which those decisions and responsibility are exercised in relation to Natural resources management. Yes Namibia is a model of wildlife resorce governance because…show more content…
Similarly, the estimated 1,000 springboks present in northwest Namibia in 1982 have grown to around 93,000. Elephant numbers in Namibia have increased from approximately 15,000 in 1995 to over 20,000 today. Desert adapted elephants have increased from an estimate of 150 in the early 1980s to approximately 750 in 2012. Namibia has the world’s largest cheetah population. The black rhino population is the largest in the world. Although rhinos are increasingly threatened by poaching in other southern African countries, the MET is translocating black rhino out of national parks into the safe keeping of communal conservancies. Lions have increased in range and number. In Kunene the population has expanded from an estimated 20 in 1995 to an estimated 150 in 2012. Such a recovery has been possible due to an increased tolerance of farmers and a rapidly increasing prey population. In contrast Namibia has some elements of bad governance that include ministers being alleged to be involved in poaching incidents. According to (Wildlife Angel, 2015) at least two ministers and a senior official in the northern region were probably involved in poaching activities on rhinos and elephants in the Etosha National…show more content…
bush meat and this improved their living standards, in a sense that the income they got from the trophy hunters and tourists made a difference on the amount that one could earn on a monthly basis. Though Namibia has experienced some forms of corruptions of ministers being involved in poaching incidents. This incident only took place once and the wildlife population in growing currently so this is a sign of total control of poaching in the country. With law enforcement laws introduced of shoot to kill the rates of poaching is really maintained in

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