The Importance Of Marriage

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Marriage is one of the oldest rituals practiced by human beings. It is the reason of the continuation if the success achieved throughout history. Marriage is, in simple language, the unison between to partners and the equal partnership that is created between them. Marriage has many benefits to an individual, as it helps achieve social security and stability for them. Therefore, it is on the mind of every young man and woman. Every young adult wonders about the right age to marry. Many young adults feel the need to marry quickly, to establish their family early and to get done with this stress as soon as possible. Those people who rush into marriage do not realize that it’s a big responsibility, and are oblivious to the risks involved. Marriage…show more content…
Wong and Waite (2015) suggest, based on the research they conducted, that older men and women have better relationships than younger men and women. Generally, people will grow wiser as they grow older. They will observe all situations occurring around them and gain experience and knowledge from that. This can be applied to marriage as well, because not everyone will marry at the same age. A person will occasionally have friends or relatives at the same age who are getting married. This person can learn from the successes and failures of the experiences of said friends. This will help them to realize what the hidden obstructions in marriages are. Also, the image of marriage will change in the minds of growing adults; the stereotypical roles that were established on each partner will vanish. They will realize that teamwork is an essential need for a healthy marriage. Men used to think that housework is a job specified for only women, but during marriage, they find out that they will need to help out in a many situations. When those people are finally ready to marry, after gathering all the information they could acquire, they will be much more confident in taking the decision. Furthermore, at a later age, people will be less vulnerable to stress. They will be able to cope with the problems that arise. Maturity will also allow for…show more content…
One of the main purposes of marriage, if not the main purpose, is to establish a family. It will be the goal of many aspiring young couples. However, having a baby is an extremely serious commitment, and the couple needs to be fully ready before embarking on such a mission. A baby will require plenty of attention from the parents; it will consume most of their time and energy. To be fair, a young couple might struggle with supplying the baby with those needs. In many cases, both parents might have a career that they want to establish, which means spending hours studying and preparing for it. This will be a major distraction from taking care of a child. Moreover, the parents will still be young and eager to explore the world and themselves, and a baby can prevent them from doing so. In the same sense, an older couple will be more settled down and ready to have a baby. They would have had experienced many of the enjoyments they looked up for. Older couples will be more tolerant to the baby’s need and will manage to fulfill them with less effort. Also, in response to people who condemn late babies for medical reasons, technology provides many counteracts to those biological problems that they are no longer an issue. All in all, marrying and having a child at a later age will have numerous benefits to both the parents and the

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