Good Country People Character Analysis

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In the story "Good Country people" Flannery O'Conner describes Mrs. Freeman, she works under Mrs. Hope well. Mrs. Freeman has two daughters: Gly, 18 has many admirers. Carramae 15 but pregnant, and Mrs Hopewell has one daughter she is age thirty two and has an artificial wooden leg, she is ugly but highly educated: Ph.D Her name is Hugla. Hugla and Mrs. Hopewell do not have a good relationship, because Mrs. Hopwells lots of takes makes her irritate. After a Youngman come to sell a Bibble, but Mrs Hopwell said they are non-believer, but later Hugla thought to seduce him. At first the young man acts like he loves her but at last he stole her artificial wooden leg and runs a way and leave Hugla in helpless and Embarrase. The story starts in

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