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They move down the line aside the man and he picks up a handful of people before he speaks. "You will each get 5/6 minutes with the band. They are set up at a table, do not ask for hugs, or any form other of physical contact, if you have something to give to them set it on the table next to a security guard. You can take selfies but no videos. And finally, the most important rule," the man stops outside a large metal door at the bottom of a slant in the parking lot. "Try not to get starstruck." He pushes the door open to a few more people standing in line. Squeals erupt from the front of the small line and Phil can feel his face losing colour. They get in the queue and a security guard reaches for Phil's pack. After a few seconds of awkward silence Phil reluctantly pushed it over. Rodent sighs and grins at the man. "He'll get it back right after, correct?"…show more content…
It'll be with me five, ten minutes tops." Phil nods, he gives his pack a small, forlorn glance. It was full of everything he needed for tonight, tomorrow and however long after that. His wallet, Rodent's keys, the keys to his apartment, a few scrambled business cards and everything else one could possibly need. The line jolts forward again and butterflies fill Phil's stomach. He swallows nervously and his legs are starting to shake. Phil has never met a celebrity before, hell, he gets flustered ordering coffee how could he even talk to them? "George! I love you!" A girl screams as she heads into the venue. The band member with a short black quiff and round glasses waves with a smile. Phil remembers George well, originally Phil had started to follow the band because of his small crush on George but the moment he saw Dan that crush was blown out the water. People were beginning to disappear. To be honest 'Dark Kills' was a small band, the venue itself only had 600 seats and there were 11-13 V.I.P's from what Phil has

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