Amazon's Best Strategy: Best Practice (Universal HR Strategy

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Best Practice (Universal) HR Strategy closely aligns to Amazon’s mission statement. Although limited, Amazon’s mission statement sets out a vision that is customer-oriented, inspiring and enduring. Best Practice’s central idea is that specific HR strategies and practices can bring about improved organisational performance in all organisations. Employee Training and Development is beneficial to both employer and employee. It ‘provides staff with the skills and knowledge needed for the work to achieve organizational corporate and business goals’. It creates an avenue for improvement and self-confidence while improving efficiency and effectiveness. It also ensures outstanding talent remains at the forefront of their field. Employment security and labour markers predicate the other practices. On the grounds that it would be impractical to ask employees to work hard, with dedication without some expectation of job security and concern for their future careers. A company using implementing best practices in their business…show more content…
A HR manager must realise that employees are extrinsically or intrinsically orientated. Extrinsic rewards are external rewards tied to certain employee behaviours, skills, time, or roles in an organization. How employees perceive these rewards relevant to their performance and the rewards given to others will ultimately determine the effectiveness of the rewards .Intrinsic rewards do not have an obvious external incentive; that is, people are not acting to get a tangible reward, be it time off or money. Instead, they act because it feels good or provides some form of internal satisfaction. These are generally more highly valued among

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