Go Gentle Into That Good Night Analysis

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When Thomas is referring to "wise men" (Line 4) he is saying intelligent men; those men know that death is forthcoming, "know that dark is right." (Line 4). Thomas continues to pin point that death is a good night, but those, "intelligent men"(Line 4) know that they must do something since death comes. For clarification the death is good because there might be an afterlife to look forward to. The words of the men so far suggest that they, "had forked no lighting" (Thomas 5); the line prior suggests that they have not left a proper imprint on this world, it also serves as an image for leaving no spark in someone's mind. This textual evidence supports, the wise men will not, "go gentle into that good night."(Line 6). The speaker refers to "good men" (Thomas 7), as those who accomplish or have done deeds for the greater good.…show more content…
"The frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,"(Thomas 8). The diction here in terms of the word, "frail" (Thomas 8) suggest the humbleness of these good men; the green symbolizes the vast form of life found at the bay (sea). "Dancing" (Thomas 8) is a metaphor to how their actions would've fit in with the movement in the life within the "green bay" (Thomas 8). The prior line supports the inference that, the green bay could also serve as a bigger symbol for Earth. The last line of this tercet serves as a form of encouragement for the "good men" (Thomas 8) suggesting that they need to go past their timid spirit and," rage against the dying of the light" (Thomas 9). "Wild men" (Thomas 10) are those who are adventurous and seize the day for what it is. "Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight," (Thomas 10). The sun in flight is a symbol for the sun rising, it also serves to show how the sun rising is a symbol for the fascinating life during the day in the mortal
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