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The main conflict of the main character in the book Cry the Beloved Country is man vs. society, Kumalo vs the racial tensions and tribal discinigrations. The main conflict is Kumalo fighting the internal issues of the whites and native people, along with the issues in his own tribe. The protaganist, Stephen Kumalo, is a humble but niave and devout native Anglocan priest. After recieving a letter, Kumalo adventures off to Johannesburg and it is tthere that he realizes the problems of his tribe and the world. Had he realized the temptations his family would face, they would not have acted out by becoming a prostatute and a murder. At the same time, he realizes how serious the injustices between the natives and the whites are in the big city.…show more content…
This is rising action of the main conflict, the conflict being injustice, because it begins Kumalo realizing his niavity and the racial issues of the world. Another example is when Kumalo discovers that his sister is not sickly ill, but ill in her ways and has become a prostitute. This opened up his eyes in the way that he never realized how badly the world outside his tribe would influence people. His sister went to Johanessburg in search of her husband and fell into this lifestyle because it was one of the few options availible to her as she was unprepared and illequpited as a native in the big city. Lastly, another example is when the newspaper comes out about the murder of Arthur Jarvis. This adds suspense to find the criminal and provides a real problem to be resolved. The reader may suspect that it was Kumalo's son who is the murder, which it turns out to be. Again, Absolam fell into an unstable life after coming to Johannesburg because the injustices between the races was

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