Analysis Of Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night By Dylan Thomas

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Alliyah Phillip ENG 4U0 Ms. Caravantes Poem Comparative The poems, “Adieu, Farewell, Earth’s Bliss” by Thomas Nashe and “Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night” by Dylan Thomas both use the realization death as a universal theme. In the poem “Adieu, Farewell, Earth’s Bliss”, there is emphasis on the fact that death is inevitable. Nashe explains that “Queens have died young and fair,/ Dust hath closed Helen’s eye” (18-19). Helen is used as an allusion, referring to Helen of Troy. In Greek mythology, she was known as the most beautiful woman on Earth. No amount of royalty, status and beauty can interfere with fate. Meanwhile, Dylan Thomas believes that it is not honourable to die silently, and helps the reader understand that death should be fought instead of blatantly accepted. Thomas claims,…show more content…
The speaker confesses that those who are intelligent and sensible will understand that death is unavoidable. Their words and actions have made no impact so they don’t accept dying. This eagerness to be recognized and heard shows how much more there is to do and that these wise men will likely fight their death. Both poems express the inevitability with distinct tones. In “Adieu, Farewell, Earth’s Bliss”, there is an alternate view of death which is not expressed in “Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night”. The literary device of repetition is used as an emphasis on the inevitability of death and the only hope of happiness is their mindset that death is meaningful. Nashe repeats the phrase, “I am sick, I must die./ Lord have mercy on us!” at the end of each stanza. Being written in first person emphasizes the fact that no one can escape death, not even the speaker. The tone of the poem is very gloomy and depressing to express the sadness and inevitability of death. However, the context of this poem change as the poem progresses. While the first few stanzas explains death as something to be dreaded despite its

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