Analysis Of Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night By Dylan Thomas

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Dylan Thomas, a British author in the 1930s and 1940s, wrote about his life experiences and how he was affected by them. One of his most famous poems resulted from a rather emotionally painful period in his life: his father’s slow, lingering death. This close proximity with death led Thomas to evaluate his life and the lives of others, and he wrote a poem about what he had discovered. Dylan Thomas wrote “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” for his father; however, certain aspects of the poem give insight as to how Thomas truly felt about death and how he believed it should be approached. Thomas wrote this poem because his father was dying, and Thomas felt that one should fight back against death. D. J. Thomas, Dylan Thomas’s father, had…show more content…
The poem says to “rage” against dying, yet it does not offer a clear explanation as to why fighting is more respectable than peaceful acceptance of death (Napierkowski, Ruby 53). It seems that each stanza explains how different men have not fulfilled their duties in life; therefore, the assumed moral of the poem would be to live life to the fullest. It “advocates affirming life up until the last breath, rather than learning to accept death quietly” (Napierkowski, Ruby 49). Though this appears to be a valid analysis, there is another theory that further exemplifies the reason why Thomas wrote the poem to begin with. It is possible that the poem is not offering advice, but rather showing how distraught Thomas is, and how he refuses to accept his father’s weakness and instead evokes rage (Napierowski, Ruby 53). Perhaps the controversial term “good night”, is not truly portraying death as peaceful, but instead it is used as a euphemism to minimize how painful Thomas’s father’s death really is (Hochman 56). While Thomas writes about how people should fight for their lives and “rage” against death, he also lets it show how much death affects his life and those around him. “By raging “against the dying of the light,” by struggling against death, the dying demonstrate –or so the living would like to believe- their love for those who will be left behind” (Hochman 58). Though Thomas is asking his father to fight for life, he is also hoping that his father does so in order to show his love for Thomas. Thomas feels that if his father tries to stay alive, he is proving how much he cares about his

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