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Title: The Supreme Court Introduction: I. Attention Getter: Is abortion murder? Who really won the election, Bush or Gore? Does the constitution give gay men and women the right to marry? When these questions are asked we look to the Supreme Court for the answer. II. Connection to Audience: The Supreme Court affects each and every one of us. Look around you, the reason our friends of different ethnicities were given the god given right to education was because of the Supreme Court. Our lovely instructor Maria is allowed to get married because of the Supreme Court. III. Credibility: I have been conducting research on the Supreme Court for 2 years, and this will be my third report on the court. I hope to attend law school at Mizzou’s sister…show more content…
This is evident with a very recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. i. Although 5 of the 9 Justices currently serving on the bench of the Supreme Court were appointed by Republican presidents. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that it was unconstitutional for states to outlaw homosexual marriage ii. Although the court has made it’s ruling, enforcing its laws is a different story 1. Kim Davis a marriage clerk in Kentucky has made headlines for refusing to grant same-sex marriage licenses after the Supreme Court’s decision. 2. However, Kim Davis is not the first person to do this as she drawn comparisons to former Alabama Governor George Wallace who stood in the door of Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama refusing to allow desegregated schools in 1963, both of which were guided by religious motives. (We have reached the George Wallace stage of the same-sex marriage fight. (n.d.). Retrieved September 28, 2015.) iii. Although resistance to Supreme Court ruling is not uncommon time shows that Court rulings never fail to become law of the land. Transition: While Gay marriage is the beginning it is most certainly not the end. 3) Body a. Transgender rights is suspected of being the next big case presented before the
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