Roots Of Pain

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Uncovering the Roots of Pain in Addicts Marysol Salazar Mohawk College Uncovering the Roots of Pain in Addicts Our society is based on addictive behaviours: eating, working, shopping, texting are amongst the most common. They represent a search for something external to give reassurance in the absence of a deep connection with life. Similarly, unhappiness is the source of addictions for drug addicts (Maté, 2015) and its roots may be hidden under brain unbalances or behind parent’s histories transmitted to them during parenthood experiences. In any case, addicts fail to recognize their innocence as a victims of unfortunate life experiences by taking responsibility for their own harmful actions. Under these circumstances, it is easy for them to fall into a pattern of blame and punishment. During pregnancy, mother and baby develop a communication system based on words, sounds, even smells. This is the foundation for a child’s sense of security, trust, and independence, as they grow into adults. Dr. Maté (2015) writes, “Human brain development occurs immediately after birth” (p.299). The brain receptors, nerve cells and other important chemicals will grow as an optimal system if there is an adequate physical and emotional stimulation during…show more content…
In the midst of it, unexpected relationship problems, economic and social situations may arise interfering with the initialization of emotionally rewarding connexions with the child. According to Maté (2015), “the most frequent source of hidden stress is the parent’s own childhood histories that saddled them with emotional baggage” (p. 298). It is a common experience amongst drug addicts to have had parents that did their best to secure a nurturing home, however it lacked the unconditional love and acceptance when they needed it

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