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Portrayal of Drugs and Drug Use in Movies: Neurons to Nirvana Throughout the beginning of this course we have discussed various issues relating to the topic of drugs and society. Through fundamental knowledge gained in class and critical evaluation of the portrayal of drugs and drug use in the documentary Neurons to Nirvana, I have learned that even though there is a lot of taboo about different substances, certain drugs can actually help humans psychedelically, emotionally and physically. Neurons to Nirvana took an in depth look at the renaissance in psychedelic drug research in light of current scientific, medical and cultural knowledge. This documentary consists of interviews with leading psychologists and scientists, exploring the history of five…show more content…
As learned in class, Schedule one drugs have no current accepted medical use in the US, have a high potential for abuse and lack safety under use for medical supervision. In order to be allowed to further the research of psychedelics these drugs need to be moved to a schedule three drug. Schedule three drugs reflect the likelihood of abuse occurring and the degree to which the drugs are controlled by government agencies. Moving these drugs from a schedule one to a schedule three, scientists could learn a lot about the neurochemistry and neurophysiology of what these psychedelics can offer. Legalization and prohibition each have pros and cons. However, restricting and banning research into the benefits and side effects of psychedelics is naive. If the use of certain psychedelics in a controlled environment, administered by a certified clinician allows one to overcome depression, PTSD, anxiety or relieve someone of pain suffering from terminal cancer, it is a disservice to withhold a possible treatment. No one is advocating recreational use in this documentary. However, drugs administered correctly can be beneficial to an individual’s

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