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1. Do all plants contain gluten? Make a list of plants that contain gluten. Not all plants contain gluten. The grains are the gluten containing plants. The largest group of gluten containing plants is wheat. Barley, bulgur, oats, rye, seitan, triticale, and Mir are the other types of grains that contain gluten (Kerr and Cherney). 2. What are some known health issues that some people consuming gluten have? The most common disease associated with gluten is celiac disease. This is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks the small intestine when gluten is ingested. The other large (and growing) group of people affected by gluten is considered non-celiac gluten intolerant people. These people have an immune response from consuming gluten that results in inflammation. This can lead to heart disease and cancer, being the leading cause of death for patients with gluten-related inflammation. Other common side effects include headache, joint pain, and fatigue (Guthrie). 3. Find a recent scientific article (on Google Scholar for example) that relates consumption of gluten to brain health issues and summarize the findings.…show more content…
Using two groups, a sample of patients with celiac disease (CD) and a control, these researchers monitored the life of these patients for 10 years. In the end, .7% of CD patients were diagnosed with neuropathy while only .3% of the control patients were. They also stated that increased risk for other neuropathic diseases like chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy, and mononeuritis multiplex existed for CD patients. They also claimed that the risk for developing a neurological disease was at its highest in the early stages of diagnosis of CD, and age and gender had no influence on the diagnosis

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