Global Warming Is Wrong

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When it comes to global warming who is responsible for it or what causes it and all the misery it brings and also will bring. When thinking about global warming and how it is caused, do we think that maybe it's caused by The U.S Consumers or the Oil and Coal Companies, maybe the U.S Government or the India and China Government or maybe it's cause just by The "Market"-system of global capitalism. All of these that I have listed might all have an effect on global warming. The U.S Consumers are charged to destroy the world in what they buy or do. People or researchers say that the consumers are the core of global warming but are they really? When figuring out the "footsteps" of the consumers they use about 3-5 times more planets than others, but is that really their fault? The consumers just buy, buy, and buy more things example like hand lotion, toothpaste and toothbrush, clothes, shampoo, Chapstick, and gas, plus many more. But do all of the things that consumers buy contribute to…show more content…
When talking about them, people say that they are charged by lying to everyone. They spent 16 million dollars to lie to everyone. The companies say that accidents can happen, but are they really accidents or do they really mean to cause everything bad that can happen. People and animals are not being able to breath because of them, but it's not only their fault. The government is being said that they gave them money to produce the companies, the government made 1 trillion dollars by helping the oil and coal companies and the companies barely got anything. The oil and coal choose what to do or buy because the government gives them money to. I believe that yes maybe they are the reason for global warming but then I don’t believe they are the ones who caused it, because they have people and animals not being able to breath but in all they are not the ones who got the money to have all the companies the government gave them the

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