When Life Gets You Lemons Make Lemonade Analysis

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When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade As I Lay Dying is a comedic-tragedy making use of both the element of comedy and tragedy in the story of the Bundrens. The stories format allows for a full perspective of each characters personal account with dealing with the mothers death, their own personal demons outside of her death, and brings awareness to the complex interpersonal relationships among each family members. The story is a tragedy because the family dealing with the loss of their mother and their efforts in carrying out her last wishes to have her buried in her hometown. However, through this journey the family is bombarded with endless trials in their efforts to get their mother home with each character being affected differently.…show more content…
Also, the irony is easily executed by the multiple perspectives. A gothic and grotesque cloth covers the Bundrens throughout the progression of the story starting with Cash taking upon the ongoing task of making his mother’s casket. Cash shows her through the window every piece of wood carved to fit her casket for validation. The family is already aware that Addie’s time is coming near. Yet they are preparing her for death rather she is ready or not. Every single plank of wood at her window is acting as a constant reminder of her time drawing nearer. Then there is Vardaman, the youngest who doesn’t know how to deal with his mother’s death. He believes that she has turned into a fish. Vardaman destroys Addie’s coffin because he was so worried that she couldn’t breathe that he drilled holes so deep in that he obstructed parts of her face.…show more content…
The funniest moments occur simultaneously with the worst moments. Anse is the true epitome of selfishness and pride. In many scenes, starting at Addie’s death bed Anse says “…now I can get those teeth”, instead of mourning the death of his wife. By Anse fulfilling her last wish it would allow him the opportunity to be able to go into town where his teeth would be sold. Anse’s selfishness can be seen as he steals from his children and his pride in turning down help that could have made the journey smoother throughout the story. For instance selling Jewel’s horse and stealing Cash’s money from his clothes without permission that he had saved for buying a music machine. When the farmer had offered to let him use his team and offered house and board for them to take refuge in on their journey many times were knocked down by Anse’s pride. Anse even steals Dewey Dell’s abortion money in his last efforts at claiming his teeth. The humorous part is that as a father figure his role is to be a provider yet he is stealing from his own children for his own selfish desires. With the ulterior motive of getting those teeth would get him ready to find a new wife. This is probably the most hilarious but tragic part of the story. Anse hasn’t buried Addie for less than 24 hours and he is already moving on to find wife number two at the end of the story. Another comedic part is how both Addie and Anse have

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