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1. The Lorax is the main character of the movie. He is a short,small orange creature. He appears out of a tree stump when the once-ler cuts down the tree. The Lorax’s role in the movie is to speak for the trees. He is extremely protective of the Truffula Tree and warns the once-ler about what is happening. I think that the Lorax represents all the companies that are against dumping products in an animal's environment. 4. In the end of the movie, the Lorax uses the word “unless”. After all the trees are chopped,there is nothing left except a pile of rocks that say the word “unless”. After a few years, the once-ler then understands the meaning of the word. “ Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. “ This means that unless someone cares about the environment, it will never get better. When a boy comes to see the once-ler, he tries to make amends and gives the boy the last Truffula seed, with the advice to "Plant a new Truffula, treat it with…show more content…
Though the once-ler ruined the ecosystem he lived in,environmentalists have concluded that the concern for our planet should be one of global environmentalism since we are all interconnected. The events that happen on the other side of the globe can have immediate effects on our lives. The production of thneeds in the movie have global effects. One way that the production of the thneed can cause global effects is by harming the ecosystem. By forcing the animals to move away from their homes, the animals would have to change their lifestyle and adapt to new environment which can cause changes to the flow of the ecosystem. Contaminating the water sources can cause a big problem when it evaporates. Also, by littering, it is ruining human resources .Lastly, by throwing trash out on the street and littering the earth, they are harming and wasting the earth and making it into their dumpster without thinking of long term consequences that can arise from their constant

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