The Harmful Myth Of Asian Superiority Summary

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In Ronald Takaki article “The Harmful Myth of Asian Superiority” he writes about how Asian American have been depicted to be the “model minority” and how the media has praised them by constant writing about their achievements and success in getting accepted to many universities. The thesis here is comparing the idea that all Asians are successful and do they support the stereotype as being the “model minority”. Through this speculation there has been an uprise in resentment of Asian Americans especially from the African Americans community since the two are constantly being compared. It has been asked ,”If Asian Americans can make it, many politicians and pundits ask, why can't African Americans”.(page 117) Many of the statistics used to measure the average income for Asian Americans can't be used to compare all other race groups because most Asian American live in California, New York , and Hawaii…show more content…
For example the other half or Asian Americans who don't make it into Universities end up in the streets joining gangs and as result there is a high poverty rate in this race group. Alone in NYC ,Chinatown there is 25% of residence who are below the poverty compared to 1980 that had 17 percent. Many reasons for the increase of the poverty rate has attributed to many immigrants moving over to American and not knowing English which creates a language barrier and many Asian immigrant are not able to perform the job they used to back in their hometown because may not have the license required to provide the service or their isn't a high demand for their service. It has also been reported that many Asian groups have been on welfare for the past several years. Many Asian Americans who become professionals hit the “glass ceiling” meaning that all the management positions have been filled . Koreans is another group of people that has been overpraised about their success.

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