George Washington Achievements

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President Washington is considered a very crucial person for the United States. Having many achievements throughout his life being a well know person too many people around the world. We like the person we chose to research because George Washington lived a very interesting life giving lots to read and learn about. We learned not only major key events and roles of George Washington but also strange new things about his personal life. We respect the actions of George Washington because it led to the start of the United States Navy. Washington established the nation’s official currency and created the State Department and Supreme Court. As first president, he led the gate way for future presidents to lead with high expectations for the future…show more content…
After his father died when George was eleven, the family struggled to hold their home together with the help of her two sons from a previous marriage. Although he never received more than an elementary school education, young George displayed a gift for mathematics. Washington was confident and ambitious. Young Washington traveled into America for greater knowledge to learn many things. Washington went on to doing many great things with his life. His brother later mentored George after his father's death. George inherited Mount Vernon from his brother, living there for the rest of his life. Holding a commission in the British army, Washington led a force of 150 men to build a fort on the banks of the Ohio River. He led many attacks, killing a French minister in the process. The incident started fighting between the British and the French. After becoming a heroic leader, Washington resigned and went back to farming in Virginia. In 1759, he married Martha Dandrige Custis, a wealthy widow, and his time went to running the family plantation. By 1770, Washington had emerged as an experienced leader. He also was among the first prominent Americans to openly support resistance to England's new policies of taxation. Washington had many great goals in his life and lived up to most of them. Letting him be an easy person to act out and very fun and…show more content…
The things he founded formed America today. Washington changed the country in many aspects. He created a strong military and led an army into Delaware and conquered British rule. If he had not won this battle we still might be under British rule today. He established the two term precedent rule, which states that a president can only serve two terms. This precedent rule is still present today in the United States because without it we could end up with a monarchy. The people wanted him to be in office again, but he was very humble and said he should step down so that the United States wouldn’t start off as a monarchy. Washington ushered in the Bill of Rights and Residence Act, which allows the president to select the seat of permanent federal governance. He was one of our founding fathers who helped write the United States Constitution. The Constitution is still used today as a guideline of what rules and rights we have as citizens of America. The established cabinetries that he put into office are political positions in which appointed people occupy today. Washington established many treaties in his lifetime. For example, he signed the Jay Treaty to normalize trade relations with Britain. By signing the treaty this helped to establish the relationship with Britain, which is our greatest

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