George Washington Dbq

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On February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, Augustine and Mary Ball Washington had their first child of their future six children, George Washington. Through a rough childhood as a middle class colonist, he was able to grow into an unbelievable man. As a young man he became a surveyor of lands and then an emissary. As emissary he saw generals and majors causing for him to want the same power as them. Once he joined the army fully he always strived to get to the next level of authority. During the beginning of the 13 colonies, while still under Britain’s rule, he was devastatingly angry about how loyal the colonist had been to them but Britain still treated them with extreme disrespect just to enhance their own goals. With pass being…show more content…
On July 24, 1758 George Washington was elected into the Virginia House of Burgesses. This was only the first of many political offices he would later hold. Even though Washington held small positions in office, he still had much say in the constitution and other American laws. But the small roles he was elected as the first President of the United States in 1789. He served two with the second starting in 1792. He was the obvious choice as president so he won one hundred percent of the votes and is still the only president to ever do so. John Adams was then elected as his vice sense he would have received the 2nd highest amount of votes. As president again Washington was put in much control of the country, but he also realized he was controlling the standard of the president from this point and on. As the first president he determined how much he got paid, if he got paid, what happened at presidential celebrations, how a person should act if their president, and even what the president should be called. One of the more important tradition he made was that a president could only run for one term. Even though the congress and citizens tried to raise him, unknowingly, to position of king, he resigned saying that this was a republic so he could not be treated as a king. But also during his terms he was able manage major affairs and problems inside and outside the country. In Washington’s first term as president he was able to join the states together under one federal government. He did not participate with making policies sense he believed the Constitution was enough but he made foreign policy with other countries so he could make good relationships sense the United States was weak and still developing. For example Washington made the wise decision of staying neutral in the French revolution because he wanted the countries to still have a strong
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