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Second Continental congress- This was the second meeting of the continental congress. All thirteen of the colonies met in Philadelphia. The second continental congress was still seen to be conservative, and want to obtain peace with the British. This is significant because During this meeting, they persuade the colonies to declare independence and run the war. The colonies also appointed George Washington as general and asked him to raise the army. Battle of Bunker Hill- This battle took place in 1775 on Breed’s Hill MA. The colonists where led by General George Washington. The colonists stayed up over night and constructed a wall at the top of Breeds Hill. The British at first tried to take down the wall with canons, however this didn’t…show more content…
In the beginning he was the general for the American continental army and helped defeated the British at the battle of Saratoga. However, he defected to the British army. Benedict Arnold is significant because he was one of two main generals who led the patriot army to defeat the British finally and cause the turning point in the revolutionary war. Battle of Yorktown This Battle took place on September 8th 1781 when 9000 American and 7000 French troops start a siege on York Town. General Cornwallis and his British troops reside in Virginia. The French and American troops travel to York town and build a blockade around the British. The blockade prevents the British from getting any reinforcements. On October 19th 1781, General Cornwallis and his 8,000 troops surrender, effectively ending any British hope of victory in America. This battle is significant because it caused the loyalists to leave America as well as was the last major battle of the Revolution Treaty of Paris The treaty of Paris took place in 1783. 3 Americans went to Paris to work out the treaty. Those three Americans were Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay. In Paris the wigs replaced the Tories in government. The house of commons votes against any further war in America. This is significant because America finally got their independence and it was also a win situation for the British is the long

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