Genre Awareness: Literature Analysis

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It is important to have in mind what is the main aim when writing a particular text. I can inform, expose, argue, among others if I want to through a text, but also it is important to be aware how I construct all the elements that are within the text, what should I add if I am presenting an argument, what kind of vocabulary I should use when writing to a specific social group. It is not the same to write a letter for your mother that a letter for you principal. There are lots of rules and elements that create every genre and it is necessary to know how these genres work in every social situations. As a general view , this is what genre researchers call as Genre Awareness, to be conscious about all the context and elements involved in a genre…show more content…
According to this, we can have an idea that genre is always related to cultural and social factors, in other words, to the context. Moreover, genre awareness is "the ability to select and use an appropriate genre based on a number of factors, including the purpose of communication, the context, and the people involved" (Miller, 2011), the “rhetorical flexibility necessary for adapting…to everevolving contexts” (Johns 2008, 238). Having in mind that genre is a type of a communicative event for expressing a purpose and that varies in structure, language, aim and from culture to culture, we understand genre awareness as the knowledge of the existence of different types of genre, and how and when to use them according to the situation in which we are involved. An example of it would be if we had to ask to the " tribunal de mérito" a third opportunity to do a course again, so we would need to be aware about the best way to asking for it ( via email, letter or spoken), the structure and language we have to follow. It is not an isolated group of words, they are goal-oriented and…show more content…
Learner's answer will demonstrate the analysis they made from the genre, helping them to contextualize their writing process and give them understanding about what they are writing. This type of activity will “assists students both to create text and reflect on writing by helping them to focus on how a text works as discourse rather than on its content” (Hyland 2003, 87). It will help them to find it as a reasonable and contextualized, more than a isolated task without an

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