Personal Narrative: Softball

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Till the End It was the end of my sophomore year and summer has just begun. I had so many plans I wanted to do, such as hiking and going to the beach. However a phone call ruined it all. “Hello, is this Sherry ?” a lady asked. “Yes, who’s asking?” “I’m Kristi, one of the managers for Wahiawa Softball. We wanted to let you know that Coach Maryann selected you to play with their all­star team this year for States in California. Are you interested?” “Of course, I am interested.” “Great! First practice is at 4PM next week Monday at Ka’ala Park.” I was upset that my summer plans were ruined, but I was happy that I was going to go California for the very first time. I played softball for two years and I started when I was just a Freshman in high school. My mother signed me up to play in the community league. Playing for the community league is not as competitive as playing for school. I’ve never played a real sport, until I played for states. On the first day of Practice, I was exhausted. We ran many times that I struggled to catch up with my teammates. The girls on the team played softball all their lives and they played with competitive softball organizations and clubs. I was the only one that played for the community…show more content…
We departed at night and arrived in the morning. It was very cold and I remembered the Coaches saying it’s was going to be hot. From the San Francisco Airport we rode a shuttle bus to the hotel in Madera, which took 3 hours. As we drove further away from the airport, the weather all of a sudden changed. I thought the coaches were lying about the weather but they were actually right. When we arrived at the isolated and deserted location of the hotel, the breeze of the winds were like the blowing heat of a hair dryer. The coaches assigned us to unpack and get ready for practice. Practice was held at a empty space right outside the
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