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The American Dream The American Dream, coming to America to escape the life you had before and live the life that you and your children want to live. In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club An-Mei Hsu and Rose Hsu Jordan are one of the four mother and daughter pairs in The Joy Luck Club. The mothers and daughters face different problems and faces those problems in different ways. An-mei grew up in Ningpo, China with her uncle, aunt, and grandmother and later moved in with her mother and step dad. Rose was born and raised in San Francisco, California with her mother, father, two sisters, and three brothers. An-mei and Rose have many similarities, such as the Chinese culture and traditions, and differences, such as the country…show more content…
She lost her youngest brother Bing on a trip to beach one day while no one was paying attention he fell into the water and was never found. She saw her mother's persistence while she attempted to rescue her brother from the ocean in many ways from physically going into the water and using faith. "She had never swum a stroke in her life, but her faith in her own nengkan convinced her that what these Americans couldn't do, she could. She could find Bing"(Tan 134). Rose saw the hard working and confidence side of her mother. Her mother thought she could do what the "Americans" couldn't, but she however was not able to save her son. Rose had married an American man named Ted Jordan. He had made all the decisions, even some of the littlest things, until one day at his job as a plastic surgeon he made a fatal mistake and was sued. After that he made Rose make every decision. He ended up divorcing her because she could not make a decision to save her life. Ted then wanted the house that they had lived in but Rose refused to leave. She was able to make her mother's dream come true of her finding her voice. ""(). Rose was torn between American and Chinese culture and couldn't make a choice of one to be better. "It was only later that I discovered there was a serious flaw with the American version. There were too many choices, so it was easy to get confused and pick the wrong…show more content…
An-mei grew up in the Chinese 1950s and Rose grew up around the American 1980s. They have experienced different cultures since they have been born. An-mei came to America to be free and let her children enjoy their lives. Her mother had suffered in silence for most of her life and An-mei didn't want that for her life. Rose had lived in America her whole life and must be able to find a balance of her family's native culture and the culture she was born into. Rose was already an indecisive person and now she is on her own and has to be able to make decisions on her life. On top of that she has trouble with the balance of the culture of her family and the culture she had been born into and has been exposed

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