Conceptual Frameworks: Human Security And Power

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Conceptual Frameworks : Human Security and Power For this paper, the author use the concept of human security and the concept of power in discussing this case. First, the concept of human security. Human security is protecting individual freedoms like protecting people's aspirations from bad things, creating political, social, economi, millitary, and culture system which soon will be formed groups of survival, and Human security also protecting people from rough critics, threats, and emergency situations. One thing that included in protecting people on Human security is threat. Threat is an event that can cause death in large numbers or less chance to survive and cause damage to the country as an international system. According to UN Human…show more content…
They should pay the debt because the owner already pay the fee of their transportation movement . The woman and girls are usually employed in a bar. The costumers of the bar is mostly the local people. But not infrequently, the costumers of the bar were come from the international community such as IPTF, Stabilisation Force (SFOR), or other international community . The woman and girls lived in bar in feasible condition. Their badroom were located in a small corridor behind the bar. The bathroom facilities were inadequate and dirty. be side that, many of condoms are strewn on the floor and the bad sheet were not in the worthy condition…show more content…
Some of the woman and girls can escape by fled the nightclubs and ran to IPTF or Stabilisation Force (SFOR) station . The woman and girl who are free from their owner accomodated in the International Organization for Migration (IOM) shelter. In the shelter, many of woman suffered physical trauma and even contracting sexually transmitted disease. The woman and girl could return back home with accepted into the IOM voluntary repetation program . In this case, sex trafficking may be a human security issue. With the existence of sex trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina causing a threat to the community, especially the woman and girls. In addition, sex trafficking can also make the woman and girls has a sexually transmitted disease that is dangerous. Dangerous diseases they may be transmitted to other communities in the country when they are repatriated to their country. This could cause a threat to the others because it can cause death and a threat to the human security of the

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