Gender Flaws In Sports Essay

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As of a 2009 statistic, only 4% of women's sports were broadcasted on T.V. Unfortunately, the issue of equality between women's and men's sports rise as the years progress. Fighting for the rights of women and men, organizations seek for support from many people in order to create teams with different genders to play against each other. Institutions fight for Women's sports team to receive the same benefits as men's sports. They feel as though these teams are just as skilled. In a huge way, history impacted the way sports are today; subsequently, people crave a change. Despite the few similarities between women's and men's sports, the athletics differ in many ways. Fortunately, advocates of women's and men's sports believe that flaws in games are in the system. A few regulations exist. For instance, a girl tries out for the football team because she absolutely adores the game. She, proud of herself for playing so well, does not make the team. The girl is not allowed to play simply because of her gender. If this case dealt with a boy trying out for the cheerleading team, the team coaches would deny him even if he was the best.…show more content…
As of right now, studies have proven women's sports to barely be aired on T.V while men's sports air nearly 24/7. Men's professional games, played often, display on media notoriously. On the other side, women's athletics hardly show on different forms of communication. Stereotypes have taken over. The different gendered sports continue to be unequal. The advertisement of sports abides as a main source of popularity and money for athletics. On top of this point, the quality of the showing of games differs. From camera angles and quality to lighting, aspects in the showing of women's games are significantly less than the quality of men's. Males' game conditions are pristine all the way down to how many cameras are present. As well as media troubles, money persists to be

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