Gender Affects Happiness

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Question: Suppose you wanted to study whether gender affects happiness? Write a brief essay that describes how you would do this either with a survey or with an observational study. In determining if gender affects happiness, I would use survey over the internet since it is relatively low cost as in comparison with other methods. Most importantly, it reaches a vast amount of people worldwide. The respondents can then take their own time and at their own pace in completing the questions that are being asked of them. Also, with the web surveys, I would be able to use a host of multimedia elements, such as having respondents view videos or listen to audio clips, which are not available to other survey modes. But like most surveys,…show more content…
The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything: they just make the best of everything they have! As one moves into and through retirement stages, it has been said that women’s advantage over men in happiness is lapsed. The contentment of both sexes is affected by marital status, seniority level, unemployment, the number of children one has, religious affiliation, altruism and the list continues. A survey by Argyle (1987) settles that there is a minute gender difference in fulfillment with life as a whole. Furthermore, a more contemporary review leads Mrocek and Kolarz (1998) to the vision that “women appear to be less happy, and this seems to persist across all age groups.” In contrast, Nolen-Hoeksema and Rusting (1999) stated that “a number of studies have found that women report undergoing grander cheerfulness resulting in intense positive…show more content…
An analysis was done with thirty eight thousand men and women across forty four states and overall women scored themselves as more gratified with their lives than men. To be specific, women from Pakistan, Japan and Argentina appeared significantly happier. Women, for example, tend to focus on personal and inland problems, while men concern themselves more with matters outside of the home. According to a Nielson Happiness Survey conducted in fifty one countries, men’s contentment and happiness hasn’t weathered the economic storm well since they attach more importance to financial success than women. Women, on the other hand, specified they treasured quality relationships above

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