Spirit Warrior Short Story

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Hi i am atimo.i am a spirit warrior. i did'nt want to be one but iam one. mine is a different story from others. do you want to know about it then read. my life is a long story but i will start from the place when i became a spirit warriror. It was a clear afternoon. i think the sun was red hot. i was cleaning my house. i live alone. i dont know who my parents are. i grew under the care of my master, utishi. he left me when i was thirteen years old. i was then fifteen and was goining to be sixteen in two days. i was thinking about constructing a founatin in lawn then i heard a loud sound. people started to run towards the mountain. i to went there to take a look.The whole mountain vanished. There was just a big crater there. there were…show more content…
i think they did it to stop my fire. i was shocked when utidhi dais that the guys who took me at first wre the bad guys. idont understand whom to beleive akiro or my master . my master howed many proofs about that like our family scrools. he said that they destroyed akiro. master release me took me around the palace. i think i did a big mistake by killing the general because all the people in the palace were looking at me suspiciouly. master told me why this war is happening and why the bad warriors siad that lie to me. the bad warriors calles as ukarios. they know that i couls kill the utishis easily so they tried to use me kill utishis . the power which i had was some wht rare. it was the dark power which most people fear. so that was why the people in the palace were looking at me like that. i was shocked when master said there is a prophecy that i will kill the evil lord. i did'nt understand why me only. why shold the prophecy be only about. i asked master about it but he said he did'nt know about. he was tensed when i asked him that question. i think he is trying to hide somrthing from me. i left thinking about it because he dont want to tell me about it.he trained me in used my powers in different ways. he thaught me how to mix my powers with my weapons. i also got my horse back. i was able to even mix my powers with my horse. it was now fast powerful and had a sheild around it which also…show more content…
there was an army awaiting me.they led me through a path to their path. now was thechance for me to defeat the evil spirit. when i reached him i was shcoked because it was master utishi. butbut how he be the evil spirit. i ran towards him heattacked me i dodged him. he attacked me constantlywithout listening to what i said. i tried to attack him. he stopped my attacks easily. he was very powerful. then he stared struggling. master utshi spoke. i thought for some time. then attacked him at last i was able to destroy him. his body turned into dust. all powers drained out. i did'nt bother about it as i had no other use of them. at last i saved the world. then i heard a voice it came from no where. it was a laughter. it was the evil

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