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Lenny Esser Ms. Barich AP Language and Composition section 01 24 September 2015 Happiness Provided By Athletes When you think of the most influential people, who comes to mind? Politicians and those who sit at a desk for a living probably don’t. Public figures, like athletes, have the ability to change the lives of millions, for the better. Being a professional athlete means that entire cities, states, and countries support you. Kids of all ages look up to these athletes with awe and strive to be like them. Michael Jordan inspired an entire generation of kids to play basketball and enjoy it while striving to be “like Mike”. Local athletes like Tom Brady and David Ortiz have led New England to years of joy with the success they’ve had. Perhaps…show more content…
His success in the sport parallels Clemente’s success in influencing with and integrating into, the Puerto Ricans, baseball. Clemente was a hero in Puerto RIco and across Latin America because of his success in the best professional baseball league in the world. Clemente was also known for his charity work, especially back at home in Puerto Rico. Ironically Clemente died when his plane in an effort to aid the people of Managua, Nicaragua after an earthquake (Parker chapter 3). Had Clemente not died at the age of 38, his influence would have surely been greater than it already was. Clemente understood the opportunity he was given by being a Puerto Rican professional baseball player in the MLB, and took advantage of it by helping in the community, along with getting young kids to play a great…show more content…
Like Clemente, Jordan was one of the best at playing his sport, so he had the opportunity to positively affect the lives of others. The whole idea of being “like Mike” reenergized basketball in urban environments and brought together millions of kids who admired Jordan across the world. In the cities where drugs, alcohol, and other dangers are ubiquitous, these kids inspired by Jordan would turn to basketball which positively affects the body instead of turning to drugs which does the opposite. Other basketball stars like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James have succeeded in similarly influencing kids. Other athletes positively affect the lives of others in a variety of ways. Charities frequently have a famous, public representative. American Tennis star Serena Williams represents the charities UNICEF and Big Brothers Big Sisters. In Boston, superstars Tom Brady and David Ortiz support the Jimmy Fund, which funds cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Baseball legend Ted Williams was a key contributor to the foundation of the Institute. Not only do the Jimmy Fund and similar organizations work to find a cure to cancer, but they spend much time and money to better the lives of patients of the unfavorable

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