Ganga Short Story

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Left alone, her limbs flaccid, her face cadaverous, and her clothes suffused with blood, she, Ganga, was lying under the dark sky without her soul. Her body all bruised, she looked completely drained and defiled. She was unerringly nigh stupor. Looking at her baleful state, the moon and stars, her parents’ emissaries, were shedding tears. The sun of her pure infancy had set that evening immortally, bringing never-ending horror of darkness for the rest of her days. On that day, her darkest future had displaced her dark past. Late at night, Harsh and Shashank were returning back to the hostel. As they stepped into the Park Street, they saw that a girl was lying in the middle of the road. Approaching closely, they found that the girl, lying on the road, was Ganga. Her appearance, without a shadow of a doubt, reflected that something brutal wrong had happened to her. The very first thing that struck Harsh was: Destruction of her honor! At that instant, his mind did not wander to discover the exact reason for her wretched state. He stooped forward, putting her wrist close to his ear, and searching pulses in it. He detected…show more content…
They sat down on a wooden bench, gossiping between tea sips, and apparently waiting for someone. Their eyes swept quickly here and there. As usual, Ganga, too, arrived there, lollygagging. Before she could ask for a glass of tea, Baba offered her tea and biscuits. She, too, sat down on a stool that stood opposite to the boys. At once, she noticed that two of them were the same, who had once endeavored to defile her in the past. The boys continued to cast their oeillades at her. Their eyes swept up and down, scanning her from head to toe, and more frequently fixed on her bosom. She, being a girl—no matter she was dumb and mad—could notice the avaricious concupiscence in their eyes. And whenever she looked at them contemptuously, she found they were ogling at her
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