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morbid scenes more than they would like to. However, officers must be mentally strong enough to set aside any emotions and focus on the task at hand, such as finding the perpetrator of a grisly murder. As for physical strength, officers must be strong enough to physically apprehend offenders. Last but not least, law enforcement professionals should also be able to work efficiently while under high levels of stress. A police officer’s work is very demanding and there is never an instance where there is nothing to do. Along with the work load, another stress-contributing factor for an officer is the shift work. A thief doesn’t simply call it a day at 8 p.m.; therefore, “uniformed officers, detectives, agents, and inspectors usually are scheduled…show more content…
However, the Criminal Justice undergraduate program is extremely impacted and space availability is limited. In order to be considered for the major, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. If a student does not meet this requirement upon entering CSULA, they have until the end of their first quarter to raise the GPA to 3.0. Due to such heavy competition, I am currently trying my best to obtain the highest possible grade in each of my classes. I am doing so by keeping myself on a tight schedule. This task may be easy for others, but time management has always been a challenge for me. Strengthening my time management now will save me time later on in…show more content…
I am well aware of the fact that one doesn’t even need a college education to become a police officer. Essentially, all one needs is a high school education and proper training at a law enforcement academy. However, today’s job market has become more competitive than ever. Earning a bachelor’s degree in criminology can give my application an edge. Aside from having an advantage over other applicants, college itself is a learning experience. Most 18 year-olds graduate from high school with the mentality that they will be promptly moving out of their parent’s residence and start making their own choices. Unfortunately, not even half of these students are mature enough to make their own decisions, let alone face the working world. Living with different people, participating in activities, and being responsible for oneself is a maturing experience that only college can provide. It is for these reasons I plan to dorm at CSULA. However, dorming has become very expensive over the years. In order to afford a dorm at Cal State Los Angeles, I will be applying to several scholarships and grants. If these prove to not be enough, I plan on becoming a Resident Advisor (RA). An RA is a trained peer leader who supervises those living in a residence hall. Aside from getting their own room, being a resident advisor is a great leadership experience and looks good on resumes. RA’s also receive a generous paycheck.

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