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Topic: Differences Target age: 3 to 5 years old. Pittar, Gill. 2003. Milly, Moly and Henry. Gisborne, New Zealand: MM House Publishing. Themes & Values: Pittar’s (2003) theme is diversity, and his underlined values transmitted to children are promoting acceptance of diversity, and “self-acceptance” which children need. The characters signified their personality traits in their differences in their physical features, and emotional and social behaviors. Though Milly, Moly, and Henry look different their behavior toward each is mutual, and they experience the same feelings of happiness, sadness, and working through school subjects. The story’s messages about how life works are true in that within a community’s mechanism there are differences…show more content…
Other ideas that I have for educating students (or future students) about this exceptionality are using persona dolls and/or puppets for storytelling, and set this book in library area or loft, so children can read it. The age that I believe is appropriate to begin educating children about this exceptionality would probable be as soon as children start a child care program because “where care is provided-in child’s home, in a family child care home, or center-based child care facility…It supports infants and young children when they interact with adults and other children” (Allen & Cowdery, 2015, p.…show more content…
The characters in this book embodied Dinah Bear’s personality traits of feeling sad and scared when her parents say they are going to divorce, while her parents’ personality traits that put Dinah at ease by telling her that though Daddy was not living with her, Mom, and younger sister he was still her Daddy, and he was still going to spend time with her, and love her. The story sent true messages about how Dinah kept doing her usually routines, and her parents love and her sister; even though, her parents do not live in the same house, and when her father is not able to pick her and her sister up they talk on the phone or send

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