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Are you ready to die? Most people don’t plan for a funeral in many aspects including financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Funeral Directors are prepared to address these issues and work with the grieving families of the loved one who has just passed away. When we hear about a funeral we often think of the more commonly known procedures of which a funeral director performs. Although most people think being a funeral director consists of “odd” tasks such as embalming or cremation, funeral directors have more important tasks, such as tending to the loved ones families, as well as taking care of the person who has passed. As a funeral director it is your job to advise the family of the deceased in financial decisions and help them choose merchandise that they feel fits the loved one’s character. The merchandise consists of making decisions on what casket or urn they may want, the flowers they may want for the services, clothing for the deceased, and the package they may want (if any). Dependent upon how the funeral home is run, the packages may vary. Most packages include but are not limited to programs, a guest book, and a framed portrait. After the family chooses merchandise the funeral director then makes them aware of the costs. For families who are…show more content…
When most people hear the title “funeral director” they think of someone who works with the deceased and the services that follow. Funeral Directors also provide grievance counseling if needed. Grievance counseling is often times overlooked because those who are mourning think they will be okay without it and other times the mourning family doesn’t know that funeral directors provide grievance counseling. The National Funeral Directors Association States, “A funeral service professional helps individuals adapt to changes in their lives following a death through post-death (grievance) counseling and support group

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