Choices In The Walking Dead

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Do you believe that you are a righteous person? Do you feel that you are an individual who always makes the virtuous choice no matter the circumstances? What if there isn’t a right choice. Life is too complex for there to be only virtuous and malicious judgments there is always a grey area of morals that combines the two in a complex way. The Walking Dead is a textbook example of a condition where there needs to be hard decisions in orders to stay alive. Whether it is doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, or the right thing the wrong way there are morally gray choices that in normal life would be considered evil or unmoral but are needed for survival. Whether it is Shane trying to save Carl’s life or even Rick trying to keep the group…show more content…
Yet he believes that he is justified because he is protecting those closest to him that is his morale code. An illustration of this case is him trying to save Carl’s life. What happened was that Shane and Titus (who accidentally shot Carl) go to save Carl by getting medication in the nearby school. When the situation becomes dire after both Shane and Titus get injured, and everything seems hopeless Shane saves his life by shooting Titus and gets away. Was this right for Shane to do? Was it vindicated? Shane justified this by importance that they were getting medicine to save Carl; if they both died so would Carl Shane broke the natural law of sacredness in life and committed cold murder to a gratuitous victim. Titus nonetheless was not that innocent either he shot Carl by accident, if this was normal times and had a court of law he would be guilty of assault and if Carl died manslaughter. These are not normal times and there are no courts, and people’s action and morality reflect that. Shane was justified he followed a natural law of preference of those closest to you which states that, “All things considered, a person acts well or justly to favor his or her family and friends over and against others” (Barkman, 209). Titus was the other and he caused harm to the group something that Shane knew,. What Shane did was definitely not virtuous by neither was it plain evil it had a right and a reason, to be justified as what he felt was morally right. At first Shane was the only one who acted in the gray area but his influence would even catch the righteous

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