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Funeral Director; one who specializes in the embalming, undertaking, and treatment of the deceased families; is a career I wish to pursue due to the skills and qualities required, the salary, and the educational requirements. I am interested in going to post-secondary school to become a Funeral Director and eventually operate my own small business. Funeral Service professionals usually work with families on the worst day of their lives. It takes someone who can allow families to express their grief while providing a sensitive and effective council on their behalf. I believe I am a compassionate person with a level head on my shoulders who could manage the diversity the position of Funeral Director requires. It offers the challenge of using…show more content…
Funeral directors are licensed by the Federal Government and the State Government where they practice. One must pass a Licensing exam before one can work as a mortician. The basic requirements for most states is a high school diploma or equivalent. An Associate Degree, or its credit hour equivalent, a portion of which is in funeral service education. The the person is required to pass a state and/or national board licensing exam. Then complete an internship or apprenticeship ranging from one to three years. Many states require that funeral directors meet continuing education requirements to maintain license. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls. gov), the average national salary for morticians is roughly $54,000 and the BLS expects an increase of 18% in the job field from 2010 to 2020. There are many prospects out there, although it may require relocation to secure a job. While many people get into business because it is a family business, there are many opportunities to get into the business and almost every town has or needs funeral homes. People are dying to give you

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