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Introduction Tourism in Muslim and Non-Muslim countries will try to offer a wide range of services to appeal to potential visitors but only Saudi Arabia is the land of the two holy mosques and has a target market of 1.6 billion Muslims.This is has became a recognition to the Saudis to provide high-end services to Muslim tourists who are travel savvy and have higher expectations to fulfill their spiritual needs. The Hajj and Umrah seasons have made Saudi Arabia the 19th most visited country in the world. Since 2006, about 2.5 million Muslims perform hajj annually with unofficial estimates reaching as high as 3 million (L.Wagner, Islamic Tourism: Saudi Arabia's gift that keeps on going, 2016). The largest expansion of the mosque was by King Abdullah by providing 100 numbered entrances to the Masjidil Haram, 4 floors available for prayers which Tawaf can be performed on the middle floor and roof, provides 3000 square meters extra space, elevators and escalators at many locations and many more entrances…show more content…
The Halal concept is essential for the practices in Islamic tourism. Islamic tourism does not focus on the packages for Hajj and Umrah only but it is also inclusive of traveling to other Islamic countries with Islamic heritage and services provided. Each year, Muslims all around the world will perform Hajj or Umrah in Mekkah and Madinah as an obligation in Islam. The rises of the pilgrims will increase the profit of tour companies in tourism industry. Each country has their own system in selecting and managing the pilgrimage. In Malaysia, Tabung Haji is the main organization that provide services for pilgrims not only in Malaysia but also in Saudi Arabia. Compared to other countries, tour operators are in charge in providing services and manage the pilgrams. Certain rules and regulations must be followed according to the Saudi Arabia

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