Persuasive Essay About Being A Freshman College

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Freshman College Graduating high school is a great mile stone in life. Now as a college freshman a new chapter in life is starting, transforming someone to become a successful young adult. With college life comes more independence and stress, being away from home, meeting new people and getting use of another city or state. These will be the best and most important years of a person’s life. As a freshman in college most will have to learn to be independent and make wise decisions which can cause stress. Your parents are not there to hold your hand or make you go to class. As college student you will have to become more self efficient. Feeding yourself, and making it to class on time is going to be all on you. Maturity is going to be a must in the success or failure of your college experience.…show more content…
For example when there are major test and long nights of assignments and you want to give up, there is not going to be anyone there motivating you to keep going; you will have to have an open minded opinion and strive for better days. Then professors care enough to give students a fair warning. But in college no one is going to continue to treat you as if you are a high school student. There is going to be a due and that will be it. College prepares you for the real world and work force; whereas you do your job or you will be fired. In the case of being in school if your grades are to low or your attendance is poor a professor can drop you from the class. Professors definitely will drop your class if they observe slacking in your school work weather it is from missing too many classes, partying, struggling with the academics, or just throwing the work off. This is enough to have any student stressed so staying focused and being responsible for your own actions will be your best

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