Friar Lawrence Play In Romeo And Juliet

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In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, each of the characters play a certain role throughout the script that has lead to the tragedy of the two love birds. Romeo and Juliet, being the story’s antagonists, secretly fall in love while their family feud seemingly gets in the way of their perfect love story. Since their families are enemies, they must sneak around to see each other without being caught. Romeo and Juliet plan their marriage with the help of Friar Lawrence, who helps Juliet avoid having to marry Paris. Romeo and Friar Lawrence’s actions have mostly contributed to the misfortune of the young adults in the play. Both Romeo and Friar Lawrence have made contingent decisions that have shaped the novel into one of the best tragedies…show more content…
Without Romeo’s love for mystery girl, who we later learn is Rosaline, he never would have been given the opportunity to meet Juliet. When the reader first meets handsome Romeo, he is head over heels for a girl who we assume is Juliet. It is easy to say Romeo is obsessed with love. Romeo is distraught that this young lady does not love him back, and oftentimes is seen “With tears augmenting the fresh morning dew” (I, i, 122). Little did we know, this girl is not Juliet, but a girl who has the name of Rosaline. Melancholy Romeo believes he will never be happy if Rosaline doesn’t love him back. Romeo is constantly flirting with Juliet and telling her he wants to kiss her, “My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.” (I, v, 95) which makes Juliet a bit uncomfortable but allows charming Romeo to kiss her despite her uncomfort. Juliet allows Romeo to kiss her, this being the starting point of their love story. Romeo and Juliet’s love story continues with their romantic actions and secretive meetups. If it weren’t for Romeo’s depressed, yet adventurous self, the calamity of Romeo and Juliet never would have
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