How Did Romeo And Juliet Contribute To The Tragedy

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In Romeo and Juliet by: William Shakespeare, a story is entailed of two star crossed lovers and the comedy and tragedy that ensues. Young lovers with a forbidden love, and the consequences that result due to this love form the basis of this play. Romeo and Juliet contains multiple factors that lead to the tragedy, the largest of which are the characters involved. Romeo, Juliet, and Friar Lawrence all three play an integral role in the tragedy. Romeo, Juliet's husband, possesses a great deal of power in initiating the events leading to the tragedy. Textually, Romeo's mood changes on a whim. He shifts from glum (21 L166) to jubilant (109 L4) on his outlook on life in a very short amount of time. This tendency plays a part in Romeo's decision to commit suicide due to his rash decision making and erratic behavior. By acting in an erratic manner and not pondering on his decision, he killed himself without…show more content…
By killing herself because of Romeo's poor decision in committing suicide, she adds what can be seen as the final blow to this sorrowful tale of woe. Juliet is typically quite a carefree, young character. Perfectly depicted in her conversation about marriage with her mother (39 L71), she represents a totally carefree character with a dream to live and love life. She acts so carefree and so young, all until she meets and instantly falls in love with Romeo. Loving him makes her feel and seem so much older and passionate, so passionate about that love that it appears obsessive. He appears to be all she cares about in her life (131 L23-25), as she continues talking on and on about his perfection. Her borderline obsessive love becomes the reason for her death. Seeing her Romeo dead upon the floor with poison in his hand, she can't live life without him. As a result, she kills herself. If Juliet's love weren't so obsessive, the chances are her first instinct wouldn't have been to kill

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