The Multifaceted In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The characters in the play Romeo and Juliet are multifaceted. Shakespeare does an exquisite job of factoring almost all of the characters' personalities into the tragedy that ensues. The tragedy begins with two "star crossed" lovers, who are not destined to be together, due to their families' ancient feud. However, these two soul mates ignored destiny and followed their hearts. Sadly, the journey their hearts took led them to a bitter end. The strife between the families ended, but at such a high cost. Passion rules over reason and wise counsel fails to persevere when the personality traits of Romeo, Juliet, and Friar Lawrence significantly impact the outcome of the play. As implied by the name of the play Romeo is one of the main characters. At the beginning of the play he is quite sad because his love has decided to become a nun (21, L 166). The object of his love is not Juliet at this point, but Rosaline. Romeo can be very fickle at times in the play and can come off as someone that is too driven by his emotions. This is played out when he meets Juliet at a party while looking for Rosaline, but ends up kissing Juliet before he leaves the party (59 L 117).…show more content…
She is of the Capulet family. This presents a problem for the two lovers because their families are in a feud. Juliet is easily swayed by Romeo's passion and zeal, which makes her vulnerable to his advances. Juliet at first is very protective and wants to take things slow with Romeo (57 L 110), but as time quickly passes, she becomes more erratic and eventually spirals out of control ultimately taking her own life (231 L 175

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