Friar Lawrence Is To Blame Essay

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In the New Living Translation in Isaiah 9:16 It say’s “ For the leaders of the people have misled them. They have led them down the path of destruction” This means, sometimes the people we look up to the most can led us into danger. This is what happens in william shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, play where two star crossed lovers fall in love and get misled by a leader they look up to the most. The story of their doomed love affair which a lot of people and things tie into this tragic death of two lovers Romeo & Juliet. However during the unfortunate love affair of Romeo & Juliet , Friar lawrence is the most guilty person to blame for the tragedy in Italy Verona, because Friar Lawrence is the adult in the story, he’s a catholic holy man , and also he’s the person that romeo and juliet look up to the most in the story.…show more content…
Friar lawrence knew that romeo would have found out about juliet death and would have came back to Verona. In the book friar Lawrence said “ Now must I to the monument alone. Within this three hours will fair juliet wake. She will beshrew me much that Romeo Hath had no notice of these accidents. But i will write again Mantua, And keep her at my cell till Romeo come. Poor living corse, closed in a dead man’s tomb!.” Friar lawrence was very wrong for not making a way to let romeo know about the fact that juliet was dead but alive, because he knew that romeo loved juliet with all his heart and knew once he found out he would have came to verona in which he was banned, and the prince said if he seen romeo in verona then he would be killed. Something would have happened either way because friar lawrence was a bad influence on romeo and juliet and is the reason to blame for the death of romeo and

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