Movie And Book Comparison Of The Great Gatsby

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Whenever a prominent novel is turned into a Hollywood-style film, it is evident when you ask someone whether they prefer the movie or the book, they would respond with saying that they preferred the book more than the movie. After watching the recently made film of The Great Gatsby, it was only less than halfway through watching the film where I decided that I preferred the book over the movie. The movie does have a very similar storyline to the book, however, there are some extensive differences between the book and the movie that only those who read the book would understand or catch on to. The movie was quite modernized, making it almost relatable to today’s society, yet it also encapsulated what the 1920’s was truly all about: parties that…show more content…
The movie started off with Nick working with a doctor, with hopes that he would recover with his health after dealing with an alcoholic problem. This is contradicting to the book because this was not how the book started off, and Nick’s character, as portrayed in the book, does not seem like the type of person to get involved with alcohol because he comes off as a careful and considerate person. Additionally, Nick and Jordan did not have the romantic connection that they had in the novel. Jordan’s character was not illustrated well throughout the movie, almost like an unimportant character, and was only used to supply the viewers with the narrative of Gatsby’s life. Daisy, in my opinion, was also mischaracterized in the film. Throughout the novel, Daisy was described as “the golden girl”, and was very rich, prosperous, and classy. In the film, the actress who was casted as Daisy fit all the aspects of her “look” however, was missing a certain spark that brought out Daisy’s personality as it was illustrated in the novel. In the novel, Daisy seemed to be more careless, whereas in the film, she seemed to be more

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