French And Indian War Causes

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Causes Wars do not just happen for no reason. The French and Indian War, a smaller part of the Seven Years War, was no exception. It was due, in part, to the growing frontier tensions between the French and English. Officials and colonists from both nations wanted to extend their country’s influential radius in the frontier regions. Leading up to the war, Britain had control of the colonies all the way up to the Appalachian Mountains. All the lands beyond that border was considered New France, a huge territory with a very small population. Roughly, New France spanned from the Louisiana region through the Mississippi valley, through the Great Lakes, to Canada. But these borders were not necessarily set in stone. many times, it was…show more content…
One of the main terms were that France forfeit all its territories in North America, a harsh punishment to say the least. But the war and France’s forfeiture had profound effects for many people. For one, the British Empire’s territorial claims were greatly expanded in the New World. In addition, the war put Britain neck deep in debt. Another result was the growing hostile feelings from English leaders towards the colonists, who, they thought, did not give enough money or military aid in support of the war. These leaders paved the way for giving London too much power over the government of the colonies. Their schemes were a big factor of colonial hostilities toward Britain’s imperial policies, which eventually led to the American Revolution. The war also deeply affected the mindset of the colonists. They now knew how to unite against a common enemy. before the war, the colonies had found nothing in common, but just lived in a state of distrust. Now, they realized that together they posed a formidable threat. Since France was was out of the way, much of the continent was open for American colonization. But the British had other plans. They wanted control over the movement of populations, and issued a Royal proclamation restricting any settlement west of the border drawn along the Alleghenny mountains. to enforce this law, an army of 10,000 soldiers was raised, and were paid using the tax money of the colonists. Naturally, the Americans were furious over these injustices. They had waited so long to move west, only to be held back by the British. The Indians also had to deal with the war’s effects. In fact, it brought disastrous results for the Ohio Valley tribes, since they had supported the French. Now, they had earned the hatred and distrust of the English. Even Britain’s Indian allies, the Iroquois Confederacy, was not well off. The Alliance fell

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