Native American Dbq

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The Spanish, French, and English colonizers faced obstacles when they settled in the New World. This foreign territory’s native inhabitants challenged the settlers and caused fighting between the two groups. The Spanish, French, and English faced a broad variety of challenges that were unique from one another, however, they were similar in many ways as well. The English fought wars against the Indians for territory, while the French didn’t do this, but they both allied some Indians. The Spanish viewed the Indians as uncivilized barbarians, whereas Chieftain of the Mimac Tribe of Quebec views the French as barbarians, but both European nations went against the Indian customs and changed them religiously and what had been a part of their…show more content…
The European nations shared many similarities when it came to colonization. However, the English fought more wars with the Indians than France. An example of this is the Pequot War. “The Captain also said we must burn them; and immediately stepping into the Wigwam where he had been before, brought out a firebrand, and...set the Wigwams on fire...” (Document 2, John Mason) The English issues with the Pequot Indians of the Chesapeake resulted in the First Anglo-Powhatan War and the Second Anglo-Powhatan war. Both European nations allied Indians, which brought them to become enemies. The British allied the Iroquois while the French befriended the Huron Indians. The Iroquois and Huron Indians were enemies, therefore bringing opposition and conflict between the English and French. They also though that the Indians led miserable lives. “They might not continue to lead so miserable a life as they were doing...” (Document 1, Samuel de Champlain) This is coming from the French looking in on Indians society. “I have tried to get some free Indians to live with me and would Cloath them but they will not consent to it, nor part with their Children tho’ they lead miserable poor lives.” (Document 5, Francis de Jau) This is coming form an Anglican Missionary who was trying to get some Indians from South Carolina to live with him, but although their lives were miserable and this could change that, they refused to leave behind their families. The French and English were both outsiders looking in on the lives of Indians, so they didn’t have a clear idea of what their lives consisted of, but from what they saw, they concluded that it was miserable to be an Indians. Despite seeing the misery, neither to French nor the English to initiative to do anything about it. They didn’t stop taking the land of Indians or forcing them into things they didn’t want. They didn’t realize the cause of

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