Rikki Tikcott Compare And Contrast

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The short story Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, written by Rudyard Kipling is a story involving the personification of animals. Two of the main characters are Darzee, the tailorbird, and Nag, the king cobra. They are two very different types of animals that are mostly opposites. In addition to Nag’s ignorance, Darzee is also quite dumb.For instance, Rudyard Kipling wrote “A feather brained little fellow”. Also in the story the character Nag said, “Are you sure there is anything to be gained by killing the people.” Both of these quotes show that these characters are ignorant and dumb. Darzee is selfless and Nag is Conceded. When Rikki first meets Nag he says “Who is Nag, I am Nag.” On the other hand, Darzee is always up for what Rikki wants too do, not caring

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