Freedom Of Religion: The First Amendment In The Constitution

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In the beginning of American History the first Amendment in the Constitution is the freedom of religion. Freedom of religion means that any person can believe in their own religion without any worry of being killed or tortured. Today’s society, the freedom of religion differs from the freedom to worship. The freedom of worship means that you can worship your religion in peace. Freedom of religion means that you have the right to worship your religion but it doesn’t guarantee your safety around you. Like for example if your worshiping your religion in front of public which in that place says that you have the right of freedom in religion, the person on your left or right might really dislike your religion. He could kill you because he or she is worshiping…show more content…
The master would torture the slave near death. The ones that had the right to have the freedom to practice their religion and many more rights were the humiliores and the high upper class the honestiores. Being a christian during those time were a handful of people. Many people who were christians were scared to practice their faith because the main religion during those times was Roman mythology. The main reason why they had this religion because the roman people worshiped and adored the emperor which the people made him a god just like the roman gods that mostly everyone worshiped. so as a result the roman people were mad at the christians because the christians didn’t acknowledge the Romans religion which the romans killed and tortured many christians because of their religion. They would torture them until the christians recognized their gods, but most christians wouldn’t back down so they tortured the christians to death which another words for that is called martyr. During those days in Ancient Rome, the christians point of view was not important during those times. There was freedom of business but the roman people abused that right for the

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