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was toned with muscle, not like a body builder chick, but a modest, rounded frame. The other girl wore valley girl like a badge and upon hearing them converse, I didn't give a damn how hot they were or how naked they were going to be. It was a bizarre drama that I wished everyone would grow out of upon hitting the campus. Facebook comments, sleeping around, jealousy, fat shamming; I had to listen to it for ten minutes. They shared the bench with Jessica, Brayden took shotgun, and Danny crawled into the flat space behind the bench and chatted them up with tales of his visit to Vietnam and its beaches. We pulled into the parking lot of the trail head and started the ten minute walk to the beach. Danny jumped shoulder to shoulder with me, raised his eyebrows, and tilted his thumb left to right. I glanced back at girls walking behind us and rolled my eyes at Danny. He made a subtle fist pump and fell back to talk more with the girls. We came to the part of beach with the warning sign, Beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers. Beyond it, there were a fair number old folks with fat rolling down them like cascades, but also families with little kids splashing and kicking water around in the shallows, grade school kids…show more content…
My head swam with the voice of my mom yelling at me for going streaking down the street. I knew it was silly, I was like eight when I had done it, but the thought made the idea of dropping my trunks sickening to me. I looked down at my trunks while I struggled with the shaking running through my bones. The knee length shorts were black with white floral prints. The flowers had five petals and were connected by wavy white lines that swirled around them. The graphic appealed to me and I hadn't realized that the designs were flowers until after I had bought it. But the trunks were black, so I reasoned my masculinity remained

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