Essay On The First 10 Amendment

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The United States Constitution has 27 Amendments and the first 10 Amendments are called The Bill of Rights are that Thomas Jefferson wrote. The first 10 Amendments were established to protect the individuals’ rights and freedom from all the states. One of Thomas Jefferson’s greatest influence was George Mason when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. The 1st Amendment protect the freedom of religion, speech, and press. This means that you are allowed to exercise any type of religion in this country without having to worry about being prosecuted. The right to worship any religion without the influence of the government. You also have the right to say anything openly without being arrested for. The 2nd Amendment protects all citizens from…show more content…
This particular Amendment is very important to the criminal law today as it highlights the extent of authority the police have and their limitations. The 5thAmendment guarantees all citizens the right to a fair and legal trial. It also protects the citizens from self-incrimination. This gives us the right not to answer to the police officer during an interrogation. The 6th Amendment guarantees the right to a speedy trial when our liberty or property is at danger regardless of our class status. The 7th Amendment guarantees the right to a trial by jury in civil, or private, legal cases where damages are more than $20. This is important because regardless of your economic status, we all have the right to be trialed by a jury. The 8th Amendment protects citizens from cruel and unusual punishments. Before the enlightenment era, people used to be punished in many cruel ways. Many were hang, burned alive, and drowned, beheaded as a form of punishment. This Amendment protects us from having to suffer inhumane punishments. It also prevents citizens from unreasonable bails. 9thAmendment recognizes that citizens have rights that are not listed in the
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