How Has The Constitution Changed

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The constitution is a living, breathing document. It is considered a living document because it was made so that it could be changed in the future so that it could evolve with the country. There a multiple ways the constitution can be changed. These changes prove that it is a living document. One way the constitution can be changed is The Elastic Clause. This allows congress to make laws to help them do their job. One example of Elastic Clause is the Escobedo vs. Illinois case. Escobedo was arrested in connection to a murder. He was not allowed to see his lawyer, even when his lawyer tried to come to the police station and look for him. He later confessed to the crime under interrogation. The Supreme Court overturned the conviction because it was considered an illegal confession. The constitution gives him the right to see his lawyer. This shows that rulings can be overturned to protect and enforce the rights of the people given by the constitution.…show more content…
An Amendment is a change, addition, or deletion that is added to the constitution. One example that shows how amendments can be used for both adding or removing is amendments 16 and 24. The 16 amendment gives congress the power to lay and collect income tax. The 24 amendment forbids the government from making voters pay a tax before they can vote in a national election. Both amendments have to do with taxes but one allows certain taxes and one forbids others. This shows how dynamic amendments can be. There are 27 amendments now and all were made for a reason. They can change the constitution by adding, removing or changing things so that it can keep up with the changing
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