What Was The Importance Of The First Amendment

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People came from different country to live in U.S.A are called the immigrants. The United States has been land of immigration since 18 century. People from Europe started to move to new land for economic, social, and religion reasons. Europe people were a bad land when they get in to harvest seasons, so they looking for a new land bigger and good soil, which was America. Newspaper in Europe and litters from immigrant family encourage people to come to the new land. The united Stated decided to establish the roll for these people came to live. It was very hard for the new immigrants to lift their families and homeland. However, they will come to new land for social, economic, and religion. The first Amendment of the united States constitutions a one of the bills of right that have been particularly important to early immigration. The first Amendment Is “congress shall make no law rasp…show more content…
American-Arab anti-discrimination committee: A deferent bill of rights for aliens?’’ The author point out how the first amendment the right to grantee by constitution for all the people in the United States. The freedom of speech is an opportunities given by the higher level of protection. For those how are citizens or non-citizens. A first amendment is a most important part of the bill of rights that helped immigrants came to America. They have opportunity to chose the style of there live. It is your opponent to say yes or no I agree or I disagree in other word freedom of speech. In the other hand, in many countries having freedom of speech is not allowed. For example, it is impassable to say any think about a president or any one has authority. If that happened may be can loss own job or go to the

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